I offer following kinds of interpretation:

- simultaneous interpretation during conferences and in the Court (together with a colleague)
- consecutive interpretation
- consecutive interpretation during telephone and video conferences.

Areas of special competence: petroleum, construction of pipelines, fish farming, environmental protection, interpreting in Court.

To types of interpretation are used – consecutive and simultaneous.

No special equipment is required for consecutive interpretation. The speaker usually stops after a logical sequence of 2-3 sentences and then allows the interpreter to interpret it into a foreign language. The interpreter can work for 1-1,5 hours before she needs a short break. 

Simultaneous interpretation (or conference interpretation) requires a specially equipped booth. The interpretation is taking place at the moment of speech. This type of interpretation requires big concentration, that’s why it should be performed by a team of at least 2 interpreters who take over each other every 20-30 minutes and help each other noting names, figures etc.

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